Friday, March 16, 2007

Did Kid "Rock" A Woman?

Kid Rock would never get the girls if he wasn't a rich and famous rocker - in my opinion. Looks like he may have gone to be too far in trying to "keep" one of those girls at his home in his native Michigan.

Rock , real name Bob Ritchie, Pamela Anderson's ex, is under investigation in Michigan after he allegedly assaulted a 28-year-old woman in his home March 8, 2007.

The alleged victim has filed a police report with the Oakland County Sheriff's Department. The woman told police that she and a male friend met Rock at a bar in Clarkston County and he invited them back to his house in Macomb County. They drank, listened to tunes & chatted, but when she tried to leave she alleges Kid Rock grabbed her by the back of the neck twice when they were outside of his home and pushed her towards her car.

Rock confessed to police that the two had been invited to his home but says the woman began acting rude and obnoxious so he asked her to leave and she the allegedly told him she was going to accuse him of assaulting her.

The man who was with the woman has corroborated her story after being interviewed by deputies, but a third witness has supported Kid Rock's version.

A police spokesman says, "At this point, we have two people who say one thing and two other people that say something else. Once the investigation is completed, a report will be given to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office."

Will Pamela ride in on her white horse - flash her boobies to the cops - and make this go away? See kids, excessive drinking leads to unhappy times, poorly interpreted events & lost memory. Lesson learned? Not yet.

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