Friday, March 16, 2007

Madonna's Ex-Nanny Muzzled...For Now

On March 9 ('07), I reported this about my girl Madonna and her trader of a ex-nanny. Now it appears things have changed.

Melissa Dumas, trader ex-nanny to Madonna's chirrens in 2005-2006, signed a deal earlier this month with Crown Publishing to pen an "explosive" book about her time with Madonna and family.

The New York Daily News is now reporting the authors agent, Sharlene Martin, revealed yesterday (March 15, '07) that Crown Publishing had pulled the plug on the project - reportedly under pressure from Madonna's lawyers.

The book was expected to dish on the singer's marriage to film director Guy Ritchie, her extremely strict house rules, diet and the controversial adoption of Malawian son David Banda, according to reports.

According to the Daily News, the trader ex-nanny, "had very little already on was very much a work in progress" when Crown pulled the plug and it may have had second thoughts because said book was likely to take longer to complete than originally thought.

The agent declined to answer questions about her plans for the book and Madonna's rep. Liz Rozenberg, declined to comment on the proposed book or reports that Madge's lawyers had pressured Crown Publishing into quashing the book.

-- Does anyone think Madonna's peeps weren't working overtime to make this go away? We definitley haven't heard the last of the trader ex-nanny - that's for sure!

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