Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Reason to Revile Avril

Sorry, can't stand this poser. Normal people don't run around spitting on other people let alone defend the spitting!

Lavigne was slammed late last year after twice being caught on tape spitting on the razzi outside of nightclubs. She recently told Seventeen magazine:

"I was at Hyde and there were a million paparazzi guys. They're all these gross older men, like disgusting, scum of the earth.

They follow you around with clipboards and these glossy pictures of you. They shove it in your face when you walk out of the club (for an autograph), then sell it on (online auction site) eBay.

...So I wrote 'f--k you, f--k you, f--k you,' all over mine. Then I spit on them. And they love it! They're all laughing saying, 'Avril spit on me!'

...But I'd been spitting on them for two years and that one time it became a story!"

Yeah the dudes are creepy but walking around hawking loogies at people...disgusting. Ugh, do rats spit? Maybe some of them? That explains it - Avril's a rat.


Canada said...

This is another one of those girls I cannot stand! Disgusting!

WindWhisperer said...

She'll never live that down, lots of people were turned off and she hasn't made it better by defending the behavior.

Anonymous said...

I love her