Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tonya Harding is Still Alive?

I had no idea she was but that's probably because she's a hallucinating crack ho in Vancouver, Washington.

The Oregonian spoke to Clark Country Sergeant Tim Bieber and was told the police department had responded to two calls early Sunday morning involving the ice-thug. The police reports describe Harding as "very agitated" and "tweaking out." WTF?!

According to the reports, the first call was from Harding at around 5 a.m. when she called to say four men and a woman tried to break into & steal her car. This police report deems her account "very implausible." -- Harding explained she was on "new medication" [READ: double-fried Drano!] and was having an adverse reaction.

Later the same morning - 'cause everyone knows crack-hos don't sleep - a call came in from a friend of Tanya's telling authorities Harding was "seeing animals."

Foolio was taken back to her trailer (ouch) by a deputy and her home was checked to "put her at ease."

Now, I watch boxing on occasion so you guys will have to help me out here - does crack help? Poor girl just hasn't been the same since Nancy Kerrigan started beating her arse and then ice thugs cronies beat Kerrigan in the leg(s). Did I miss this E! True Hollywood Story?



Anonymous said...

holy what the? holy woah!

Anonymous said...

She's massive...why did she let herself get so hefty?

crazy said...

I can't get over how much bigger she

crazy said...

I've looked again and still can't get over that picture!

Anonymous said...

While there is a Vancouver in Canada, she was in Vancouver, Washington which is in the USA. Which is why the Oregan paper is reporting this.