Thursday, March 15, 2007

Max Factor Fashion Show on March 14 '07

More pics from the fashion show should be rolling in so I'll be updating this post throughout the night/tomorrow...unless this is it.

Carmen is - well, Carmen. Too much eye make-up but cute dress. Well, cute dress other than those damn daisies. Click the 2nd pic to see what I mean. So graceful here...

And then she fell on stage...Poor girl!

I chose the leopard dress pic of Denise to share with you guys because she looks awkward and it's nice to know I'm not the only awkward person in the room!

I'm still not sure about Denise. Like I said in my last post on her - I really don't understand how someone sleeps with Charlie Sheen. HELLOOOOO, purveyor of prostitutes! His peepee is gonna fall off soon...which means her va-jayjay could "fall out" soon!

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WindWhisperer said...

What made her take a tumble like that?