Friday, March 16, 2007

Simpson in Beverly Hills's High Class Strip Mall

Besides Jess yelling at the razzi - what really got me about these photos (taken March 14) is the strip mall she's at. That sh*tty place is in Bev Hills? I don't remember seeing it. Click pics and look closer - there's a clinic in there - is that where Jess was. Did Mayer "knock up" Ms. Jessica? Actually, no. She visited an accupuncture clinic.

Oh, and the razzi in her dang face has got to be annoying...I'd be yelling and punching. Nice Fendi Spy bag...I've got the BlackBerry...don't have the bag. Damn.

On a separate note: Rush & Malloy say Pervert Papa, Joe Simpson, left his BlackBerry next to his half-eaten cheeseburger after he rushed out of the Brooklyn Diner on 57th St. The waiter chased his cab up the street, to no avail - then promptly posted an auction for it on eBay. I kid.

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canadian said...

When is she going to get back to singing and being a real artist?