Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gwen's Pretense Makes Me Upchuck

And I'm a total Stefani/No Doubt fan - but....

Ms. Stefani has been forced to live in a hotel - because there's not enough room at her London home for her wardrobe and entourage.

The Hollaback Girl singer insists it's easier to lodge in a hotel suite than trying to coordinate her stylist, personal trainer and nanny to nine-month-old son Kingston from the house she shares with husband Gavin Rossdale in the British capital.

She says, "It's just so much easier to have all my clothes and my stylist next to me. Plus my nanny, my manager, my trainer. It's a whole team of people."

Now I need to go shower because I puked coffee all over myself. Blech! Could she make a more ridiculous statement?!?!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes celebs forget that they are rubbing their fame in everybody's noses when they say things like that. I guess that's the price you pay for super lose touch with everyday reality on most levels.

California said...

What a snob. She really has lost it since her days as a California tomboy. BOOOOOOO.