Thursday, March 15, 2007

Survivor Winner Sings from Prison

(Hatch during Survivor All-Stars)

Remember Richard Hatch? He was the $1 million winner of CBS's Survivor in 2000. A couple of years ago the foolio was sentenced to 51 months in prison after conviction for tax evasion and purjury after he failed to report his Survivor winnings along with some other earnings and lied on the witness stand.

People magazine has an exclusive "jailhouse interview" with Hatch in which he essentially says he was set-up because the producers of Survivor had told him they would pay the taxes on his prize earnings after he purportedly caught them feeding contestants food behind the scenes during the 2000 taping. Even if this were true, it doesn't explain why he didn't pay taxes on $321,000 for hosting a Boston-based radio show or on income from a rental property.

His plans once he gets out of prison? Write a book of course. A book that I won't buy. To check out related court documents click here to go to The Smoking

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Anonymous said...

WHAT A *SSHOLE! And I'm sure his a'hole is getting it in prison.